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January 2018

2017 for Deadpeach was a sleepy year.

The recording of the songs for the new album has been suspended,
problems related to a member of the band blocked us,
we do not know yet, what will be in the pockets of 2018.

it’s been like a stop for the inner research of themself
‘whatever will be, will be’.

On January 13th  14th and 15th, on bandcamp it will be possible to download for free:
the album PSYCLE,
if you like it, spread the news



Huachinango is the solo project of Giovanni Giovannini  , the guitarist of the band Deadpeach.
Minimal electronic music, inner and occult spaces.
Vintage drum machines, frequency generator, wired analog instruments and tape recorders.

Here, you can listen and share the new album titled ‘Etica Estetica Estasi’

ELECTRIC EYE (NOR – GroovePsychSpaceRock) + DEADPEACH (ITA – StonerDilatationTime) @ SIDRO CLUB

Evento FB


Inizio concerto – Ore 21.30

Gli Electric Eyesuonano uno psych-rock ispirato dal blues, India e gli universi più espansivi. Tra le loro influenze dichiarate i Pink Floyd del live a Pompei, i Wooden Ships e The Black Angels.

I Deadpeach sono una psych fuzzed band.
Le atmosfere psichedeliche piene di assoli di chitarra, ricche linee di basso ed ipnotici ritmi vi manderanno fuori.