Deadpeach sound, is characterized by heavy guitar riffs and psychedelic grooves, , featuring liquid and full guitar solos, rich bass lines, and hypnotic drums.

***About the band***
Formed in 1993 in Cattolica(RN), Italy.
After a couple of demo tapes, a couple of 7-inch records, and some compilation appearances,  the band released their first album, “Psycle,” in 2007, followed by “2” in 2011 “Aurum” in 2014 and “The cosmic haze and the human race” in 2024. Deadpeach has been praised for their original sound and their ability to create a unique atmosphere .

The band has often been associated with the stoner rock scene however, their music also features psychedelic and other influences, setting them apart from other bands in the genre.

Deadpeach has had the privilege of playing at festivals in Italy and abroad and sharing the stage with bands like Colour Haze, Orange Sunshine, Ufomammut, White Hills, Not Moving, Vibravoid and others.

In addition to their music, Deadpeach is also known for their album covers, designed by international artists such as Malleus, Loreprod, and Epicproblemz (Neal Williams), who have helped promote the band worldwide and attract the attention of art collectors.

Currrent line up:

Federico Tebaldi: drums,
MrSteveman: bass,
Giovanni Giovannini: guitar voice.
Daniele Bartoli : guitar and 4th man