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– The Cosmic Haze and the Human Race –

We are excited to unveil the forthcoming release of our new album, “The Cosmic Haze and the Human Race.” In anticipation of the album launch, we’re delighted to provide a sneak peek with the release of our single, “Madras.”

February 6th, 2024

Single ‘Madras’ Release Date:
January 15th, 2024

Embark on a sonic odyssey with “The Cosmic Haze and the Human Race,” our latest seven-track masterpiece. We’ve seamlessly blended heavy rock and psychedelia for a captivating journey.


  • Madras
  • Motor Peach
  • Man on the Hill
  • Ouroboros
  • Monday
  • Rust
  • Set the Controls to Mother Earth

Recorded and mixed by: Andrea Scardovi at Duna Studio di Russi.
Artwork crafted by: Grazia La Padula.

This project represents a unique sonic experience, merging influences from stoner to heavy and European psychedelia, creating an exhilarating and unconventional journey. Our aim is to transcend the limits of the traditional “one riff album” and immerse listeners in a diverse range of musical emotions.

The album guides you through distinctive sounds and atmospheres, with each track meticulously crafted to provide an engaging and stimulating musical experience. We extend our gratitude to everyone who contributed to making this project a reality and eagerly anticipate sharing this new musical adventure with you.